Swapnil Sarvankar

IT professional major experience in the area of web development and related technologies. Currently working with Tech Mahindra India, on one of its Telecom projects.


Interested in working/understanding anything everything that is related to
WWW - world wide web.

Routine Work

1. Drupal Implementations
2. CI - Continuous Integration
3. Dev-Process Improvement

Core Area

1. Drupal CMS customization and implementation
2. Mobile Friendly Implementation
3. Web Performance
4. Web Security

Mobile - Way Ahead

Mobile friendly implementations and research in related areas
Mobile Application Development
* Android Apps
* IOS Apps

TODO Area's

1. Drupal 8
2. PHP 6 & 7
3. NodeJS
4. Angular JS

Technology Timeout

When not with Technology; usually like to spend time with friends and family. Watching Animation Movies(Preferably Cartoon movies), Marathi plays.




experimentIT team works on new idea's, new implementations.

Modern world requires mordern and most optimized ways of doing things - Specially when you live in this WWW world.

Work varies from writing basic HTML for static websites to developing mobile friendly, responsive , performance optimized ,accessible Web-Solutions.

    <p class="my-style">
      Hello World!

Specialized in areas like :

  • - Dev-Process improvement
  • - Mobile friendly Implementation
  • - Automation ( CI , Testing )

Drupal Module : Responsive Blocks

Contributed module to the Drupal community.

This module help site-managers/site-builder implement device specific blocks.

     * Responsive Block: Helps site-managers/site-builder implement device specific blocks
     * Version: 1.0
     * Author: Swapnil Sarvankar
     * Available @ https://www.drupal.org/project/responsive_blocks


Feel free to get in touch; not just for technical queries or consulting but surely to work on interesting ideas.

Information is commodity, available to everyone . Process it wisely,
Way to Go - Ahead

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Be creative and good luck!

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